Are You Missing A Simple Marketing Trick?

Jun 23, 2017

Many people think that marketing and social media is confusing and scary. However, we’re often explaining to our clients that social media really isn’t rocket science. Sometimes we just need a bit of guidance to use it more effectively and efficiently.

Social Progress Ltd - Email Signatures - Digital Marketing Tips

There are a few tips and tricks we share during social media training and we find that 75% of the content we cover is relevant and helpful for every business. Whether it’s a small 1-man-band or a big company training up their marketing team, the principles are exactly the same.

We wanted to give you a little bit of free advice to improve your marketing which MANY people simply don’t think about.

We’re constantly amazed at how many people do not have an email signature! OR they have a signature but it doesn’t promote their business or branding.

This is a VERY simple trick to help with raising the profile of a business and help customers and contacts to easily identify a business.

An email signature is simply a template “message” which sits underneath your email message. It can be as complicated or simple as you desire however it’s important to have at least the following:

1) First and Surname
2) Job Title
3) Business Name
4) Link to the Business Website
5) Relevant Social Media Links

We also highly recommend that you have your logo within the signature to strengthen the brand.

Social Progress Ltd - Email Signatures - Digital Marketing Tips

Some people also include a disclaimer at the very bottom of their email signature and others add further info/web links which they want to highlight to people (eg. blogs, awards, LinkedIn Profile).

This is such a simple but effective way to boost your brand identity and increase brand confidence – you become a clear representative of the company as soon as you have a signature (especially if you include branding within it). Not only that but it helps people to drive traffic to your website (and also social media – if you add your social media links too). Make it easy for people to find and engage with you.

Are you missing a simple trick to improve your marketing? Consider creating an email signature!


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