Going Green at Social Progress: Our Journey Towards Sustainability

Sep 15, 2023

We’re happy to share our exciting journey toward a greener and more sustainable Social Progress with you.

As we gear up for fairandfunky’s Holme Valley Green Week, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the positive changes we’ve made to reduce our environmental footprint.

Say Goodbye to Plastic Milk Bottles, Hello to Glass Deliveries!

One of our earliest steps toward sustainability was ditching those pesky plastic milk bottles. We now opt for glass deliveries, reducing single-use plastic waste and giving our morning coffee a feel good factor!

Trash Talk: Centralised Waste Management

We decided to simplify our waste management game. Instead of multiple waste paper bins with plastic bags scattered around, we’ve established one central point for all things rubbish. Less plastic, better for the planet!

Reusable Cups FTW!

Whether it’s a power-packed MY Network meetup or an enlightening MY Conferences event, we’re on a mission to cut back on disposable cups. Our trusty reusable cups have become our sidekicks, ensuring we caffeinate responsibly and stylishly.

Shedding Light on Low Power LEDs

We’ve brightened up our office space with a change to low-power LED lights. Not only do they create a cosy atmosphere, but they also significantly reduce our energy consumption.

Coffee in Bulk

We buy Café Direct Fairtrade coffee in bulk! This not only supports the global community but also minimises packaging waste. A win-win for our taste buds and the planet!

Plastic-Free Toilet Rolls from Who Gives A Crap

When it comes to essentials, we’re making a statement in the bathroom too. We’ve switched to plastic-free toilet rolls from the amazing folks at Who Gives A Crap.

As we dive into Holme Valley Green Week, we hope our journey inspires you to take small steps toward a greener, more sustainable lifestyle. Remember, every little change adds up to make a big difference.

Looking for motivation to take little steps to change the world? Join us for Holme Valley Green Week from 25th– 26th September.

You’ll get the chance to interact with like-minded people in a relaxed and inclusive space. The week features inspirational conversation about climate change and sustainability and fun activities.

You can learn more about this free event via:


Stay tuned for more green adventures, tips, and tricks right here on our Social Progress blog.

Until next time, stay green and keep scrolling!