What Should I Make a Reel About? 10 Instagram Reel Ideas for Your Business

Aug 25, 2022


We’re seeing more and more businesses incorporating Reels as part of their digital marketing, and there’s plenty of reasons why: it’s engaging, it’s fun and it’s creative! All key elements of social media content that your audience looks for.

But, if Reels have got you reeling and you REELy don’t know where to start, we’ve been working on our Instagram Reel content so we can give you plenty of examples to start with!


1. About Your Business

Perhaps one of the more obvious Reel ideas, but your audience will always want to know as much as they can about you and your business, so why not tell them! You could answer frequently asked questions, or simply show what services and products you offer, after all, you’re the person who is most knowledgeable about your business, so why not share what you know?

Here’s a simple Reel we did about our SoPro services to kickstart your creative thinking.


2. Follow Reel Trends

Trends do perform well and can earn you views, likes and comments, so try to keep an eye out for what’s popular – a couple of minutes scrolling through trending Reels can give you a great idea of what content your audience is currently engaging with. Plus, you can save trending audio to use on your Reel, to attract an even wider audience.

Here’s a video we did following a recent Reel trend.


3. Celebrate Staff Achievements

Any successful business knows that your team is at the heart of everything you do, and the key to your success! It’s only right to celebrate the success of your staff, so why not do that with a Reel? Plus, you’ll get a higher audience engagement if you show the people behind your products and services (it’s something we’re passionate about here at Social Progress) so show them off!

You could simply do a ‘meet the team’ Reel, like we have here, or here’s a recent Reel we did celebrating when SoPro Abbie passed her driving test – well done Abbie!


4. Behind the Scenes

Everyone loves a sneak peek behind the curtain, so go on, show off what goes on behind the scenes! Let people know what goes in to the work you do – it’s also a great opportunity to show you’re an expert in your field!

Here’s a recent Behind the Scenes Reel to give you an idea of what goes on here in to some of the work we do here at Social Progress!


5. Days of the Year

We’re always coming up with ideas to fit with the season or a specific day of the year. From St Patrick’s Day, to Take Your Dog to Work Day; from World Environment Day, to the Queen’s Jubilee, and even staff birthdays – there’s always something to celebrate, so you might as well do it in the form of a Reel!


6. Share Your Values

Here at Social Progress our core values are key, and they are part of everything we do. It’s important to us that clients and partners we work with also fit with our values, in order to keep our brand strong and sincere.

Here’s a simple Reel we did about our core values, but we’re also passionate about having a positive impact on people and planet, so here’s a Reel we did for Plastic Free July, to show the little changes we’ve made here in the office in an effort to be more sustainable.

If your brand is passionate about it’s practices, share them!


7. Create a Tutorial

The internet is still the main way people learn how to do pretty much anything, so using social media to share your expertise is a no-brainer! It’s also a great way to show people how to use your services. For example, here’s a Reel we created to show people how easy it is to use Big Screen Social, our Twitter wall.


8. Would You Rather?

Here’s a Reel trend that never gets old, probably because it’s so simple to do! Plus, you can recreate this Reel time and time again to fit with business, product and seasonal themes! Here’s our Valentines Edition of the ‘Would You Rather Reel’ to start you off.


9. Days Out

Having a day out of the office? Show your audience what you get up to when you’re not sat at your desk! Especially if it’s something exciting and out of the ordinary, people want to know! It can give you the opportunity to tag other businesses, people and locations in to your content, and also be motivating for other business owners to see what you’re up to!

Here’s a Reel we did recently of our monthly MY Network event in Huddersfield.


10. Have Some Fun!

Sometimes it’s OK to let your hair down, and show that there’s real (and fun) people behind your business, and it’s something we regularly make sure we have time for, so our clients and partners know and trust the people they are working with. It’s also really engaging content for your audience. Take our series of Olympic Reels as an example, LOTS of people had something to say about these:

Synchronised Swimming





The Medal Ceremony


Plus, there’s plenty more silly Reels we’ve created, all you have to do is visit our Instagram profile for more ideas!


If you’ve been stuck on what to do for your Instagram Reels, now you have plenty of ideas to get started with – we can’t wait to see the content you create!


Why not save and refer back to this blog next time you want to spice up your Reels and stand out from the crowd? Or, if you’re REELy stuck, get in touch with the Social Progress team and we’ll be happy to help you out!