Winners of the Eaton Smith Business of the Month Award!

Sep 22, 2021

We’re delighted to announce that Social Progress have been chosen as Eaton Smith’s Business of the Month for August 2021 by the judging panel.

We’ve always known about the award and know some of the amazing businesses that have won Business of the Month and Business of the Year in the past. Such as the lovely Maxine Stead and her team at Alexandra House Spa and the brilliant Lynn and Steve Bradley from Pennine HR to name just a couple.

Social Progress will now be entered into the 2021/2022 Business of the Year Award with each monthly winner of the award. The prestigious event of announcing the Business of the Year takes place in July each year. Wish us luck!

Also, you may not know this but each month there can be a different set of judges invited to work with Eaton Smith Solicitors to evaluate the applications, and before setting up Social Progress in 2011, our very own Janet Bebb, who then worked as a Business Link advisor, was asked to be one of the judges on a panel to sift through the applications.

“It’s a very humbling and rewarding experience.” Janet explained. “But to be at the other end as an applicant was a little more challenging. I think businesses often find it difficult to put into words how they make a difference and what makes them unique. But we’re glad we took the time and are delighted to have been selected as the Eaton Smith, Business of the Month for August 2021.”

If you’ve thought of entering but never have, or maybe you have entered in the past and your business has now changed, it might be worth entering again, why not fill in an application today. What have you got to lose –