What makes great copy? Some quick tips from Claire at SoPro…

Mar 18, 2021

How do you write great copy that is compelling, interesting and most of all, effective? Read our tips below and we will show you how!

  1. Really understand your audience

It sounds so obvious! Who are they? What do they need? Where are they? How will your product or service help them? Does your offering solve their problems? Really understanding the needs and wants of your target audience and their problems will help them to engage with your copy, understand how you solve their issues and most importantly, turn them into valued customers!

  1. Keep it simple and proof read!

This is our favourite tip. There is wonderful quote from Edward de Bono, who said that; ‘Complexity is failed simplicity’. In today’s world there is so much noise and so many things competing for our attention. Keeping your copy simple, clear and jargon free will help your customers to quickly understand your offering and exactly how and why they need to buy from you. Remember your SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) from school? Be your own teacher, get out that red pen and make sure you always proof read and triple check everything!

  1. Get people talking, sharing and buying!

Whether you are writing plain copy or more imaginative storytelling, think about how you engage with the reader. Is it boring? Quick, re-write it! Is it too long winded? Don’t be afraid to get those trimming scissors out! Ask questions. Show empathy for their pain points. Know what your USP and point of difference is. Use positive words. Be careful of slang – you might feel ‘down with the kids’ but some of your audience may not be! Make it easy for them to understand, share, engage and buy.

  1. Call to action

The most important part of any copy. How will your customers buy from you? What do you want them to do next after reading your wonderful, lovingly crafted copy? A compelling and inviting call to action is worth its weight in gold. Simple tried and tested ones are; ‘Shop now’, ‘Sign up here’, ‘Discover more’, ‘Try’, ‘Watch’ and ‘Start’.

Try making these even more enticing…what about; ‘Take me there’, ‘Join us’, ‘Tell me more’, ‘Claim your free trial’, ‘Simply visit our website’, ‘Try for free’, ‘Learn more’, ‘Get started now’.

Always include your website details and if writing for digital platforms, hashtags will help your customers find your content.

  1. Science

Here’s a magic formula…there’s a great copywriting model called the PAS formula. This stands for:

  • Problem – understanding your customers’ problems
  • Agitate – identify their point of pain
  • Solve – show how you have the solution to solve their problems

Let’s try some copywriting for our imaginary holiday cottage business:

PROBLEM: With staycations booming this year finding your ideal holiday cottage can be a challenge.

AGITATE: There’s so little time to search and so many other guests. Then of course there is the price!

SOLVE:  Let Awesome Holiday Cottages help you to book your perfect holiday. With our large collection of new cottages and tailored service, one click to our website can make your cares melt away so all you need to do is dream about your next getaway. Simply visit www.awesomeholidaycottages.imagine.com today!

Lastly….be authentic. This is the best copywriting tip of all. Be honest, be truthful and be authentic. Know your tone of voice and use it always. Trust is what brings your customers back to you again and again.

If you get stuck, or copywriting just isn’t your thing or perhaps just simply short of time Social Progress can help you reach those lovely customers! Just get in touch info@socialprogress.co.uk ?