What I’ve Learned on my Journey from a Degree to the Workplace

Jun 29, 2021

Towards the end of my Digital and Social Media Marketing degree I started to think what on earth am I going to do in a few months when I finish. It felt like my course was never going to end so I never thought I’d have to think about a real actual full-time job! But here I am to tell you what I’ve learnt on my journey from university to the real working world.

There’s been a huge difference in what I had learnt from university to now, after developing my understanding of marketing strategies and objectives the actual doing the doing of social media management and marketing is where the real difference is. Whilst helping to develop strategies of clients is the start of their journey with Social Progress that’s not where it ends, ensuring we are able to help meet objectives, targets and build relationships with clients is something I had never really done before. Now knowing how to speak to different clients and how they would like to present themselves on social media has been the biggest learning curve for me, every client is different and they have different target markets. This is something you can’t learn in a classroom, having to develop skills whilst in the working world is hard but the best way to do it.

University was great to give me the foundations of the work here at Social Progress. Studying modules such as ‘The Customer Experience’, ‘Web Management and Design’ and ‘Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation’ has given the theory behind what my job role as a part of #TeamSoPro is, putting this into practice has been interesting and something I had never had to do before but with the help of the rest of the team it’s gone very smoothly (I think!!).

Having now completely finished my university degree, with a FIRST I’d like to add, I am using my skills to constantly better the work I carry out here. My time here has flown by, it’s been almost 3 months now, it’s so nice to feel a part of the team! Especially knowing no question is a stupid question, even if I should know the answer from my degree!