What is the value of a business card you receive?

Nov 30, 2011

Having just gone through the process of choosing a brand, logo, business card layout etc I couldn’t believe so much thought and input needs to be put into this, BUT IT DOES!

A business card tells the person you meet so much about you as a business person. Are you a little serious and austere? Are you fun loving with a positive outlook on life? Are you organised, thoughtful, meticulous – the list is endless but you get the point.

I wanted my brand, website and business card to show a little of my personality – I wanted to come across as professional, friendly and approachable – hopefully this will be the case.

So, having attended my very first networking event representing my own company this week (been to lots of networking events before but not to represent Social Progress), I wanted to see the reaction of my business cards – and check out some others too. Some really good ones which told me in an instant what the person did, some I looked at & wondered what they did. Even when they told me I still didn’t know……….

Your business card is like a picture – it’s a snapshot in time and captures a moment which can be forgotten in an instant or held in your memory forever.

Tell me what you like in a business card, any really memorable ones for you? Did it help you to ‘connect’ this that person?