What is a Twitter Wall?

Aug 30, 2016

Here at Social Progress we’re no strangers to social media jargon. However, we appreciate that not everyone will understand what we mean when we talk about a “Twitter Wall” or “Instagram Wall”. So, we thought we’d explain “what is a Twitter Wall?”

Social Progress - Twitter Wall - Laptop and Projector

A Twitter Wall is a platform or programme which displays tweets which include a specified hashtag. Twitter Walls are becoming more and more popular at events, conferences, exhibitions and festivals dues to more events organisers creating and encouraging people to engage with their event hashtag. For example, we are exhibiting at Techtrade Yorkshire on Thursday 8th September 2016 (where we’re also managing the event Twitter Account for the day and managing the Twitter Wall). They have been encouraging people to use #TY16 leading up to the event and we will be encouraging people to use it on the day as well to create a digital buzz about the event! We’re super excited about it!

Although a Twitter Wall can be viewed and displayed on almost any type of screen it is ideal to be displayed on a large screen within a populated are (eg. a networking area of an exhibition space) in order to be seen and naturally encourage people to get involved using the official event hashtag.

We have done our research and found that most Twitter Wall platforms currently available are very text-based and not very inspiring. We found one or two which are more visual, but quite often they are too “busy” (too many things being displayed at once) to actually see or read anything. So, out of frustration and lack of choice, Janet decided that Social Progress should develop it’s own social media wall platform for events organisers to use!

The idea being that the platform will be available for organisers to purchase a license to use the platform (self-service type license) and other options include Janet and/or Esther managing the Twitter Wall at the event. We can even manage the event Twitter Account on behalf of the event/organisers to take some of the pressure off! After all, there’s a lot to think about when organising an event.

Social Progress - Wakefield Business Conference 2016 - Twitter Wall  Social Progress - Wakefield Business Conference 2016 - Twitter Wall - Esther Orridge  Social Progress - Wakefield Business Conference 2016 - Twitter Wall

Did you know that Esther’s already managed social media for and at an event before? She managed the @MYBizConfs Twitter Account on behalf of the Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce (MYCCI) at the Wakefield Business Conference earlier this year.

So, what do you think? Would a Twitter Wall encourage you to get involved with a digital conversation? Would you like to see your tweets and photos on a big screen at an exhibition or conference?

Watch this space as there is something brewing in the background at Social Progress HQ… We can not wait to show you the result!

(You can now click here to read about Big Screen Social – our brand new Twitter Wall platform for events, exhibitions, conferences, parties and more!)


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