Visual Content Is The Icing On The Cake Of Social Media!

Jan 29, 2018

Social media is buzzing with content but have you ever wondered what makes one post stand out from another or what makes a great social media post? Well we here at Social Progress decided it was time to do a little more digging into why visual content is king and what you can do to make your social media content more creative and engaging to your followers…

Firstly let’s address why visual content is king, what is it about a stunning advert, brand or image that grabs our attention and makes us want to engage?

It’s simply the way we’re wired; our brains can process visuals 60,000 times faster than a chunk of text and so of course we’re all drawn to the content we can understand and process quickly in the busy society we live in nowadays. In addition to this on average around 40% of people respond better to visual information because it caught their attention and evoked a response or an action.

Visual Content Huddersfield

I guess the phrase “a picture can tell a thousand words” is as relevant today as it’s always been!

Now, let’s look at how you might improve the engagement on your social media.

  1. Develop & share content with context – tell the reader what the post is about.
  2. Choose your imagery wisely and don’t just use stock photos – people want to get to know you?
  3. Don’t forget to look at your social media platform design ratios as one sizes fits all really doesn’t work !
  4. Design your posts with grids and remember the golden ration thirds really does matter!
  5. Be brand and font consistent to make sure you and your business are remembered

We hope this has given you a greater understanding of how to make better visual content and why it will improve your brand awareness and content engagement! Now why not give it a go and get creative. Let us know what awesome new creative content you made & what results it’s given you!

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Written by SoPro Georgia


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