Using NFC Business Cards

Nov 29, 2021

Have you ever thought about your business card use; how it takes so much time and cost to produce and then change once someone leaves or starts working at your organisation?

Here at Social Progress, we actively use our NFC (Near-Field Communication) business cards to connect with clients. They’re easy to use, save carrying around lots of paper business cards and a great way to connect with any of the So Pro team immediately with one tap. And best of all, they’re reusable and eco-friendly with no waste or printing costs!

But we’ve found that lots of people don’t know what they are or how to use them. So, here’s our top tips on using NFC business cards:

Why use NFC business cards?

  • Eco friendly – less waste, no wasted business cards once they’re out of date.
  • Have all of your employee’s contact details available at once.
  • Easy to change details – Simply update once someone leaves or starts working at your organisation. No re-printing costs.
  • Cards can be branded to suit your business, just like printed cards.
  • Easy to set up and link to a URL.

How to scan a NFC business card:

  1. Turn on NFC on your smartphone’s settings
  2. Tap the NFC card on the back of your phone
  3. Visit the web link* to view linked details (view ours here)

* Cards can link to anywhere you like with a URL but we find to be the best option.
You can add as many links as you like and it’s easy to customise!

If you’d like to set up your business with NFC business cards, we can help! Get in touch to find out more.