UK Blog Awards 2017 Nominations

Nov 28, 2016

We’ve just heard that we’ve been accepted into the UK Blog Awards again for 2017! You may or may not know that last year we entered the UK Blog Awards for the first time and made it to the finals. It was all thanks to YOU for voting for us. Our adventure to London for the official awards ceremony earlier in this year would not have happened without your vote.

UK Blog Awards Logo - UKBA17 Nominations - Social Progress Ltd - SoPro Blog

Although we didn’t win last year we’re excited to see if this is the year we win a coveted UK Blog Awards Trophy to proudly display in our office. We’ve entered the SoPro Blog into the UK Blog Awards 2017 for the following two categories:

  • PR, Digital Media, Marketing and Communications
  • Lifestyle

This year they’ve changed the voting system so each and every person can only vote once for their favourite blog. So, no matter who you’re voting for, your vote is very valuable!

Voting for UK Blog Awards 2017 is open between 5th December – 19th December.

If you enjoy reading the SoPro Blog and find it useful and inspiring in the world of social media marketing, we’d absolutely LOVE for you to vote for us for this years’ UK Blog Awards!

We’ll be posting about this to remind / encourage people to vote for their favourite blog and watch out for our email campaign too. We don’t want to push people to vote for us – we just don’t want people to forget!

Will we be attending the UK Blog Awards ceremony in London on Friday 21st April 2017? Who knows! Please do vote for the SoPro Blog and let’s see..!

The UK Blog Awards is a great example of how an event hashtag works and is embraced by their following. They use their specific and annual hashtag leading all the way up to, during and after the awards ceremony. Fellow bloggers and followers are constantly using the hashtag to engage with like-minded bloggers and “get into that space”! Last year they used #UKBA16 and this year they’re using #UKBA17. You can read the pure excitement about UK Blog Awards 2017 in the tweets already!


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