Twitter – Press the Mute button on those tweeters who overuse and abuse!

May 17, 2014

You know that awkward feeling when you don’t want to unfollow and offend, but equally you’re sick and tired of reading mundane tweets? Well now you can control what you see from your followers.

This week Twitter rolled out yet another new feature which allows users to remove the content of the people that ‘do your head in’!

Twitter users can now “mute” people they follow meaning Tweets and Retweets from annoying Tweeters will not be visible in a home feed.

The muted person can still Favourite, Reply to and Retweet your Tweets and you’ll get notifications of these; You just won’t see their activity in your timeline.

And the ‘muted’ Tweeter won’t know you’ve silenced them plus you can ‘unmute’ any time you like!

Reasons to press the MUTE button…

  1. They’re a good business contact person but they tweet incessantly
  2. It’s nice to have them follow you but you don’t really need to know what they get up to every minute of every day!
  3. You’re sick of seeing Tweets about (a) Football (b) TV Channels (c) people’s food!
  4. Ranting & raving – we all like a good old moan now & then but some people go over board
  5. The Retweeters – they never have anything to say themselves, they just retweet others.
  6. Testing the waters – do I / Don’t I ……UNFOLLOW!

Twitter explains here how to MUTE or UNMUTE – It’s still being rolled out so it you haven’t got the feature yet, don’t panic. Just close your eyes to those annoying tweets a little while longer until you can MUTE and relax…….


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