Favourite Twitter Management Tool – Twitcher

Feb 12, 2017

We all have our favourite social media platforms and tools, Twitcher is our number one go to tool.

We use a number of different social media management tools to get things done quickly and easily. But let’s make it clear we’re not big lovers of automating social media.

Here at Social Progress we believe in quality and real engagement. If we get an automated DM (Direct Message via Twitter) it completely puts us off and it will probably lead to us unfollowing.

However, one tool that we absolutely love, and advise all our clients to try when we’re delivering in-house training, 1-2-1 sessions and open workshops on Twitter is the Twitcher Chrome Extension by Thom Seddon @ThomSeddon.

Twitcher Chrome Extension

As social media account managers we find we’re often wanting to toggle between different Twitter accounts. And while this is easily done on a mobile or device, it isn’t so easy to do on a PC. Sure you can use something like Hootsuite (another favourite of ours) to view and manage multiple social media profiles and platforms, which we do. But we much prefer it if we can manage our accounts, and those of our clients, on the native platforms. So this is where Twitcher comes in.

How Twitcher Works

Download the extension, log into (and out of) each account you’d like to manage to see a list of all the Twitter accounts in one place.

Now you can simply toggle between each separate Twitter account to manage them. Great ey?

And if you want to remove one, simply drag it out of the list and refresh.

Twitcher Chrome Extension

Essentially it is a free app but it would be nice to donate something to Thom for his time & effort in developing the extension.


And do come back here or talk to us on social media to let us know how you get on with it once you’ve tried it. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram. We’d love to hear from you! #SoProHigh5!

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