Have you tried Facebook scannable Messenger Codes for Business Pages?

Feb 3, 2017

Janet’s just returned from a two day trip to Facebook in Dublin for the #SheMeansBusiness programme (more to come about this in a later blog post) and in the process has picked up lots of hints & tips on how to get more from Facebook & Instagram from the social media gurus themselves!

One cool feature we’ve just discovered (that’s actually been around for a while) is the unique Messenger Code’s which Facebook Business Pages can use so a person on Facebook to quickly find and engage with your Page. According to Facebook 900 people use Messenger every month to connect with friends and family. Not only that but  people also use Messenger to contact Facebook Pages to ask questions, give feedback and stay connected.

So how about adding your Facebook Messenger Code to your website, your business cards, your printed collateral (flyers, menus, brochures, magazine entries), your vehicles or on your social media eg. in your photos, pin to the top of your Page, other social media sites.

Facebook Business Page Messenger Code

For businesses, this a great way to keep the relationship strong between you and your customers, potential customers and the wider personal network. Messenger Codes work in the same way as a traditional QR code. Just point and scan to get to chat to your favourite business.

Why not give it a go now? Go ahead, we won’t bite.

Step 1. Go to Messenger on your mobile or device.

Facebook Messenger App


Step 2. Select the ‘Hamburger Icon’ (three lines bottom right of the screen).

Step 3. Select Scan Messenger Code. Hold your mobile or device up to the circular code and then message away.

Step 4. Ask us a question or give us some feedback? 

Facebook Business Page Messenger Code



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