Touch! PAUSE! Engage!

Feb 24, 2012

With a big Rugby Union weekend coming up where Ireland takes on Italy on Saturday & Scotland meet with France on Sunday it got me thinking about how a scrum is not un-similar to how we connect in every day life. Ok, hopefully not so aggressively but it’s the same principle.

First we come together for a common purpose, in an environment which is comfortable and familiar to each other. We ‘size’ each other up. We get closer to have a better look at each other and then TOUCH. So on the Rugby field this is a tap with intent but in the real world this is a ‘hello’ or ‘good to meet you’. That greeting might take place online or face to face. Either way we are establishing the relationship and boundaries.

Next we PAUSE to reflect. Do I like this person? Are we going to get along? Do we have a common interest, similar values, reasons to communicate on a regular basis.

Then we ENGAGE – we communicate on a regular basis. Ok, yes with Rugby this is a battle of strength against the opposite team. But in networking terms this is where the value of that connection and lead up to this point has real value and meaning. Once we have met, found out a bit more about each other and have an understand of what the other person is looking for / able to offer, only then are we in a position to engage!

Got any other analogies on how you think of building relationships?


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