Which Third Party Apps Have Access To Your Facebook Profile?

Mar 20, 2018

This is an interesting debate which includes one of Janet’s fellow Facebook ‘She Means Business’ Accredited Trainers, Dave Glenwright from JC Social Media about the recent allegations that 50 million Facebook users had their profile information harvested by Cambridge Analytica. 

Now we’re not going to get into a debate about Cambridge Analytica or Donald Trump because it’s not what we’re about.
Piers Morgan is talking to Dave as if he’s a Facebook employee….he’s not he’s just like Janet, an independent trainer.
Facebook don’t get a list of email addresses send to advertisers.
Which third party apps have access to your data?
When you click on a link that encourages you to take a quiz or face swap or what ever else, then you are effectively allowing that Third Party App access to your Facebook data.
So now might be a good time to check how many third party app’s you’ve allowed access to your Facebook Profile.
You can check which you’ve allowed to access your Facebook Profile now here – Facebook App Settings.
We think you’ll be surprised how many third party app’s have access to your profile and your Facebook friends data. But to be clear you have ‘selected’ to allow them access when you take that quiz or face swap. Facebook only allow third party app to access Facebook Profiles if the app developer tell you that they are accessing your data and you will have selected to say you agree to this. 
We would suggest you check your Facebook App Settings every couple of months and the good news is that you can revoke that access to these apps and delete them from your Facebook Profile.
Why not go ahead and do it now…..and we’d be interested to hear how many third party apps you’d allowed access to your Facebook Profile.
Share your results with us on our Social Progress Facebook Page – don’t worry we won’t be accessing any of your data….you can trust us to act responsible and ethically.


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