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Janet Bebb and the whole team at Social Progress are a joy to work with, great service at a truly reasonable price. I have known Janet for some time and she and her company have a brilliant reputation, so they were the natural choice for us when we needed to grow visibility for a new feature film project. Previously we have done most of our social media in-house, well never again as the time that Social Progress saved us when we were busy on set and in post-production was astounding and they were so easy to work with and adapted to our crazy schedules and working practices really easily and always with a smile.

Just to know that once you have briefed them and handed over the content they need, that they just take over and do a brilliant job was huge weight off of my shoulders. As business owners we sometimes think we can do it all but that is almost always a misconception as if we outsource to experts the things that take time we can actually concentrate on the things we are good at.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Social Progress to any business owner who is looking to increase visibility and decrease the time and effort it takes, which for most of us all adds up to either savings or increased profitability.

John Danbury
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