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Social Progress – Thank you!

After 40+ years of working in the Civil Service in and around my home in Yorkshire. I find myself on a whole new career path and planning a new life and a business in Canada. As a new business owner setting up on a new continent, one key challenge has been turning my business idea/proposal into a professional website offering. Enter Social Progress of Honley and the wonderful Janet Bebb and her team. From my very first meeting, Janet has been an extraordinary helpful source of advice and innovation. Janet listens and questions to extract every ounce of background information then brings her team of experts in pursuit of exactly what your business needs. Janet works with a small team of talented enthusiastic and experienced professionals who have all added to the business model I am building. I have been expertly guided through content development, graphics, copyright, colour palettes, data protection and social media presence. Time will tell if my business plans come to fruition, but I will always be extremely grateful that I chanced upon Social Progress and the amazing team of professionals who work there.

A huge thank you for helping to get my business started.

Sarah Hinchliffe
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