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Dear Janet

I just wanted to write you a testimonial to thank you for your recent 1-2-2 workshop.

We felt the need to bring cake before the session started as we knew that the afternoon was going to be a challenge.

Two 50+ men – neither of whom use Social Media in any way shape or form – one who didn’t own a smart phone and neither of us even had a Facebook account, and probably worst of all – neither of us really knew what we really wanted to achieve out of the session.

To say that the starting point needed to be pretty basic is a huge understatement!

You were brilliant!!

From your cheeky smile, I know that some of our questions were obviously really stupid .. but not once did you make either of us feel daft or uncomfortable.

You really managed to bring the whole process down to our level and we both came away having learnt loads (unfortunately being 50+ the question remains as to how much we’ll actually remember!) – and we’ve already made a start albeit at a very basic level, putting posts “out there” on both Facebook and Twitter.

I can’t tell you how much we appreciated the help, I’ll recommend you to everyone I know – and without a doubt – I know we’ll be back in the future for further assistance.

Kind regards,
Andrew & Philip

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