Introducing Gemma Favager

Sep 30, 2020

You may or may not have seen the new news; someone new has joined the Social Progress Team this week. We’d like to introduce Gemma Favager. She’s an existing friend of Team SoPro but has recently just become a member of the team. As is tradition, we’ve asked her to write a blog about herself as she starts her new chapter as a Social Media Account Manager. This is what she has to say:

Social Progress ltd - Gemma Favager

Hello! I am Gemma and I am the latest addition to the SoPro Team! Although I am new to Social Progress I do not feel like a newbie as I have been working very closely with Janet for the last 6 months. Both Janet and I are on the BNI Terriers leadership team (President and Vice President respectively) and it is no lie when I say we speak at least once a day about all things connected to BNI and our chapter.

I am a Mum of two fabulous boys aged 10 and 6 and I run my own successful independent travel agency through Travel Counsellors which will be 3 years old in December. I do not think anyone will be surprised to hear that the travel industry has been decimated by the pandemic we are all living through. This opportunity Janet has given me is a perfect. It allows me to continue running my own business and looking after my customers as I always have done whilst providing financial stability and structure for me during these difficult times.

I have utilised Social Media extensively over the last 3 years to promote my business and gain new customers across multiple platforms. I am excited to get to know my SoPro clients better and help them continue to achieve through their social media campaigns. I also have the additional benefit of learning even more about the power of social media.

It is also lovely to be back in an office with multiple people (and Bruce and Tiny the dogs) although I am worried over the amount of cake that is talked about in here.

Social Progress Ltd - Gemma Favager

We’re excited to have SoPro Gemma on board and look forward to introducing her to you over the next few weeks and months. Please do help us make her feel welcome and say “hello”.