22 Social Media Tips for 2022!

Jul 2, 2022

As social media experts, we thought we’d treat you to our very own top 22 social media tips for 2022! If you’re looking to up your digital marketing game, then this extensive list has some quick and easy pieces of advice that will help! Take a look:

1 . Get to know Canva
A go-to tool, Canva is a firm favourite because you can do so much yourself with it – you don’t need to employ a graphic designer to create basic social posts, and you can even design business cards, flyers and presentations with it. Canva’s won over a lot of fans because it provides a range of pre-designed templates and a drag-and-drop user interface that makes creating designs easy. Take a look at all of the tools you could have access to below:

2. Review your hashtags
Are you using unique ones to your business but also the generic ones that both existing and future clients will search and follow? Do you use local hashtags such as #Honley #Huddersfield to broaden your reach? There are tools available to help you with this and getting these right can really broaden your posts reach and in turn gain you more followers (see tip no.6…). Take a look at the hashtags we’ve used in this post:

3. Video made easy with Quik
The Quik app helps you to create videos from pictures, boomerangs and video clips. You can put them all together and tailor your video with different overlays and transitions. It’s a really easy way to put a video together, even if you’re not very technically-skilled. It’s another way you can work smarter, not harder.

4. Take a look at Facebook Mobile Studio
A little-known gem, Facebook Mobile Studio isn’t actually on Facebook. It’s a website that presents you with different apps you can use, and it gives you all the instructions you need to get the best out of them. It gives you great instructions on how to take photos, get your lighting right, do Boomerangs, etc.

5. Make a habit of gathering ‘Soft Content’
Make sure you capture “soft content” for your social media channels as you go through the year to use to break up other posts. These could be client testimonials, thank you gifts, delivering your product to customers – just images and content that your audience can easily engage with rather than focusing solely on the “selling” element. You will be surprised how many more likes and engagement you receive on these types of posts. Here’s an example:

6. Make use of #HashMe
#HashMe generates related hashtags for your social media posts, so you don’t have to think of them all yourself. You put in a hashtag in the right area, e.g. #cake and it generates a further 30 related ones. You simply copy the ones you want, and it opens Instagram and puts them in for you. It also shows you how many people have used that hashtag.

7. Build your brand
Are you keeping every social media post on brand? Often companies forget the time and effort they put in place when starting their business to get the right font, logo and colour scheme to then disregard it when they start posting externally. Staying on brand is reassuring to your customers and also ensures you always look professional. As you can see from our feed, we’re not afraid to use SoPro’s brand colours – you’ve got to love a bit of yellow and blue.

8. Plan regular and engaging content
How often are you posting to your channels? Having a social media page that is inactive can turn your future customers/clients off as it can give the impression that you are no longer there. Consistency is key when it comes to social media – stay relevant by regularly posting content that your audience will be interested in (or get in touch and let us do this for you!).

9. Take advantage of scheduling tools
There are many fantastic tools that can be used to schedule your content ahead of time and automatically publish your posts for you. Stay ahead of the game by setting aside some time each week to draft your social media posts. Create a schedule where you can jot down ideas as they come to you and dates for publishing to ensure it is not the one thing that never gets crossed off your to do list. Read more about our scheduling tips here.

10. Don’t overcrowd your graphics with text!
If you’re looking in to running paid adverts on your social media channels, make sure that the graphic you’re sharing doesn’t include too much text– you will find that your advert performs better when it is mostly image-based, with less than 20% text. Keep it simple!

11. Cover yourself for worst-case scenarios
Always have 2 or more admins on your Facebook page. This is just in case one admin gets locked out (which can, and does happen), this way you will still have access to the page instead of losing it. Trust us, we’re speaking from experience! We have helped lots of businesses who have managed to get themselves locked out – where we can. Caveat – we can’t help in every scenario!

12. Tag your business buddies
When you’re working with other businesses, create a post about their work and tag them across your social media platforms – you are improving the reach for both you and for them, as well showing support for and promoting likeminded partners. Here’s how we announced that we started working with Yorkshire biscuit brand, Grandma Wild’s:

13. What do you think?
Try to include a call to action or a question in your posts. Your audience will be more likely to engage with the content and engage with your business, which in turn will increase the reach of your posts. It’s also a great way to get feedback and ideas from your target audience. In the post below, you can see that we decided to double up and include both a question and call to action to encourage our audience to consider joining our news and updates mailing list. The question is… are you subscribed?!

14. Sharing is caring…
Don’t forget to share content created by others that is appropriate to your business and brands. Have you found a news article that you think is interesting and fitting to your industry? It’s likely that your followers will find it interesting too, so get sharing! Your customers and partners will go to you for thought-provoking information, and see you as a reliable brand. Twitter is a great place to share relevant news and updates with your audience – simply hit Retweet!

15. People love people
People are most engaged with businesses that show their personal side, particularly if you’re sharing photos of yourself or members of your team. It reassures your customers that you have a human side, and that you’re not just a robot. Give SoPro team members Abbie and Joanna a wave:

16. What are your social media advertising objectives?
If you’re thinking of making use of social media advertising for your business have a think about what you want the outcome to be, as this will help set your advertising objective when you begin creating the ad. This can range from raising awareness of your brand, to getting more engagement from your audience, and ultimately converting to sales, but it’s important to put the right strategy in place beforehand. A great start would be to have a read of our blog post on the Social Media Advertising Funnel which dives into the different steps to guide prospects through the customer journey of advertising.

17. Make use of your data
Did you know that you can look at how your social media is performing: what’s working, and what could work better? Facebook and Instagram both have ‘insights’ in to how well your audience is interacting with your business. Take time to take a look at what content is working and what may need tweaking. Use the data gathered for you to enhance your social media strategy.

18. Take care with competitions
Many businesses aren’t aware that you are required to have your competition terms and conditions clearly shown on your website in order to run competitions on your social media platforms. If you don’t, you’re putting your social media accounts at risk of being suspended or even shut down. Better to be safe than sorry!

19. Unsatisfied customers? Don’t worry!
Many businesses will experience an unsatisfied customer who will take to their keyboard to air their grievances, and chances are it’s nothing you’ve done wrong! Many people will delete the review or comment the customer has left, but why not take the chance to explain the situation so that other potential customers can see the efforts you have gone to in order to resolve the issue. They will likely value your excellent customer service and engage your services in future.

20. Make use of Facebook Groups
Take a look at and join Facebook groups relevant to your industry – they are filled with important information and probably your target audience. It’s a great space to engage with likeminded people and businesses, and make valuable connections. Joining and posting relevant content in local community groups can also be a great way to get your business out there or update those in your area. Read our blog about how to join a Facebook group as your page.

21. There’s always time for proofreading
Checking over your social media copy is an essential step before hitting that post button. Misspellings, grammatical errors and a lack of punctuation can affect your credibility and professionalism, so double-checking your wording can help you to spot any silly mistakes. If you struggle with copywriting or just want that extra piece of mind, Grammarly is a great tool to help you write mistake-free. You can download the extension for free and watch how it works whilst you write in desktop applications and sites across the web. Let us know what you think!

Managing your social media doesn’t need to be a chore! You know your business and your brand better than anyone – be confident with the content you share, and have some fun whilst you’re at it! Here we are living our best lives as Easter bunnies:

And if you get stuck with any of the above, you know where we are! Contact a member of the Social Progress team on 01484 506336 or at info@socialprogress.co.uk