Our Social Media Highlights of 2017

Dec 29, 2017

As we move from 2017 into 2018 we thought we’d share with you some social media highlights and cool stuff we’ve found that you can also try. Social media marketing changes almost daily so it’s impossible to bring you every single update so this short summary just shares with you some of the things we’ve seen happening across seven social media sites used across the UK in 2017.


Instagram users can find and share their top nine posts of 2017 by using 2017bestnine.com 

It’s free and very easy to use but can take up to 10 minutes to work it’s magic because there are more & more people checking out their most engaging posts of 2017. And if you want to find others then search using #2017bestnine to see what others have been posting about in 2017.

Here’s ours from socialprogress on Instagram

2017bestnine on Instagram


On Facebook you can check out your very own personal Year in Review 2017 video. This will include moments from 2017 that you’ve shared or been tagged in. But it’s only available to Profiles, not for Facebook Pages. Why not make and share yours now – facebook.com/yearinreview

Facebook Year In Review



And Twitter took us back to basics with a couple of fun videos with comedian Romesh Ranganathan and took new users on the journey of Signing Up for Twitter and showed people how to Explore on Twitter

Twitter also introduced the ability to ‘Add Another Tweet’ to tweets and extended the amount of characters per tweet to 280 from 140.


In February of 2017 we gained a new look LinkedIn layout which some loved and some hated. The new look was to streamline the main menu (Home, My Network, Jobs, Messaging, Notifications, Me and Search). The dedicated Notifications section meant it was easier to find and respond to your networks activities, posts you care about and notifications mentioning you. A restructured ‘My Network’ tab means you now have all your connections, people you may know and sent/received invitations in one place. And hopefully you’ll now be seeing a much richer, more relevant news feed on your Home tab.

For a full list of all the new features, what’s been improved and what’s gone check out this video by LinkedIn


And Pinterest have very kindly provided us with their official Pinterest 100 for 2017

Pinterest 100 for 2017

Lots of food, home improvements, craft ideas, interior design, fashion, hair, health, lifestyle and travel pins. Exactly what you’d expect to see from Pinterest.


YouTube have had a troublesome year with marketers and brands like Johnson & Johnson, and PepsiCo withdrawing ads from the platform after an investigation found ads appearing next to extremist videos. And then The Times found ads running next to videos that featured scantily clad children. Adidas and Mars also raised their concerns over child safety on the platform. However, YouTube or should we say Google, who own YouTube have taken these challenges very seriously and are employing more than 10,000 ‘human reviewers’ in 2018.

YouTube full response can be read in their Official Blog Post – “Expanding our work against abuse of our platform

But on a lighter note who doesn’t look forward to seeing the end of year YouTube Rewind: The Shape of 2017 | #YouTubeRewind …..

Google Plus

We saw a shake up of the social media platform in January 2017. Some said it was going for good, but Google themselves never said that. What they did say is that they would be improving the site and introducing a new Google+ which would help connect based on shared interests. See Google’s own blog post ‘Making Google+ work better for you

They said you would see more of what matters to you most. I have to say we didn’t see this at all in the start of 2017. In fact our very own Esther saw some very unsavoury things on our Home feed which, thankfully, was quickly corrected. Phew!

It’s still not our favourite platform, but we recognise it to be one of THE most important social media sites if you’re a business trying to reach the dizzy heights of Google’s search rankings. If you’re not sure how or why it’s important then maybe you need to book on one of our Google+ Open Workshops.

Google Search

And finally, we know it’s not a social media platform but how could we not include what were people searching for across the globe on Google in 2017 from their YouTube video  “Google – Year In Search 2017”? Enjoy!


That’s it from us in 2017. We look forward to engaging with you on social media in 2018. And if you have any thoughts or comments on this or any other blog post we’ve written please do share them with us on whichever social media platform you find tickles your fancy. We’re on them all so we’ll see you there!

Happy New Year!

Which social media are you using to your advantage? We’d love to hear from you – why not say hello and introduce your business to us on –  Instagram, FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestYouTube & Google Plus. We’d love to hear from you! #SoProHigh5!