Have you ever tried driving to a new place without a map or directions? No, we’re sure you wouldn’t even consider doing so. Well it’s the same for your social media marketing. If you don’t plan, set goals or milestones, or know what you’re trying to achieve you won’t get there. You might look around, see others doing amazingly well and think it’s simple right? But wait a minute, do you know the best route to get to where you want to be?

Our Social Media Strategy & Planning packages help you to find the ‘why’ when it comes to communicating online. Why are you here? What are your objectives? What will your audience find engaging? We establish the details of your brand, tone of voice and appearance online.

By attending a 2 hour meeting with key members of your organisation and 2 Social Progress team members, you will be presented with your ‘Social Media Strategy Pack’. This pack will act as your guide for how you would like your business to behave on social media, what you could / should be talking about, your branding and tone of voice.

A Strategy & Planning session can either be conducted as the starting point to your content management package with us, or after a training session and review with the team.

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