Is email and messenger marketing part of your digital marketing strategy or not on your radar at all?

Whether you need to create or revamp your email newsletters or are considering the latest trend of mobile messenger campaigns, look no further. The Social Progress team can cover everything from content creation, including copy writing and images, to designing and sending the campaigns for you.

Using Mailchimp, Facebook Messenger or any of the other myriad ways of reaching your target audience, we’ll make sure that all of your campaigns are fully GDPR compliant. So, no need to worry!

The average person in the UK is said to spend more than 24 hours per week online. That’s not quite as much as sleeping, but not far off. While we can’t reach them in their sleep, thankfully, we can ensure that at least some of their precious online minutes are heading your way.

If you already have an email list, that’s great, but if you don’t, we can help you build one. Yep, a GDPR compliant one, not a hint of ‘spam’ here. Our email and messenger marketing services are all completely above board and catered to your business.

So, get in touch now and get your online marketing started or up to date. Don’t wait until the latest mailing trends go the way of snail mail!

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