Whether you consider these to be dirty words or are super interested in how to make them work for you, we can help.

Our packages cover:

Basic set-up of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Monitoring of Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights and LinkedIn Metrics

Advice and implementation of strategy changes gleaned from the results

From the basics of Facebook Page insights to advanced tracking using Google Tag Manager we can offer assistance tailored to your exact needs, be they hands on or strictly hands off.

Our remote training packages will look at the data your social media platforms generate, via screenshare so you don’t even need to provide your passwords. During the session(s) we will show you how and what you need to be looking at and what it all means.

If you prefer to outsource, we can do all of the analysis for you on a regular basis and provide easy to implement hints and tips to improve your strategy given the results.

Take it a step further and we’ll do it all so you never need to worry. Whatever works for you and your business, just get in touch!

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