Plastic Free July 2023

Jul 17, 2023

Plastic Fee July - No Single Use Plastics

In 2021, Team SoPro pledged to reduce the amount of single-use plastic we use and to help spread awareness of its consequences for our planet as a part of Plastic Free July®️.

Fast forward – two years have passed since then! We’re checking in to see how everyone at Social Progress is getting along with their contributions toward the environment.


Plastic use comes with consequences for the planet, as it severely affects all its major ecosystems. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s quite easy to forget how our everyday choices can have an impact on our environment. But, it’s like they say – it’s the small habits that make a BIG difference.

Did you know that the average person uses 156 plastic bottles per year? Adopting the practice of keep a reusable bottle with you whenever you’re out and about, certainly goes a long way. From the 500 billion plastic bottles that are used each year across the globe, you could play your part by saving around 150-single use plastic bottles. Here at Social Progress, you would find that everybody has a reusable bottle propped on their desk. Way to go team!

When we asked SoPro Hannah about how opting to use a reusable bottle has brought about a change in her lifestyle, she excitedly told us:

“My reusable water bottle comes everywhere with me. It takes seconds to fill up every morning, means that I’m not buying single-use plastic + it keeps me hydrated throughout the day.”


It’s quite shocking to consider how plastic has slowly creeped into our everyday lives. But if you look at it the way we do – that just means more ways to reduce its consumption and make meaningful contributions! For instance, when the Covid-19 Pandemic struck, Social Progress took the initiative of adding a hand sanitising unit (made of steel) in the office. This was the sustainable way to go – as it saved us from using several plastic bottles.

On that note, we spoke to Janet Bebb about making environmentally conscious decisions when operating a people-centred business:

“Here at Social Progress, we really try to take the sustainably conscious route when buying something for the office. For instance, in order to reduce carbon emissions, we buy all our office supplies (most importantly, coffee) in bulk. There’s always something small that you can change.

Did you know that approximately 1 million trees are destroyed every day to make regular toilet paper? Shocking, right? That’s why we have switched to using 100% recycled toilet paper that’s not packed in plastic sheets.


The ways that we have listed above are just some of the ideas that can help you get started on your journey to plastic-free living. At Social Progress, we believe that together we can make greater change, so please let us know what you’re doing to be more sustainable in the workplace and if you have any suggestions for us! You can read more about Social Progress’s unwavering commitment toward sustainability in the workplace here.