Pay It Forward Day

Apr 30, 2015

Have you heard about Pay It Forward Day before? Well, until Janet Bebb mentioned it about 2 weeks ago, neither had I! After she explained the concept and the story of how it came about I it was clear that Pay It Forward is something that Janet is passionate about. So I figured that was a good enough reason to do a feature blog about what, why and how we can embrace it.


Pay It Forward Day 2015 falls on Thursday 30th April (yes today!) The idea is that if person “A” was to do something kind for person “B”, then person “B” did something kind for person “C” and so on… just to help that other person out, wouldn’t the world be a better place? The Pay It Forward concept is based on this.

The idea being that you have three wristbands for the day and you help three people out specifically on Pay It Forward Day. When you do so, you give them a wristband and ask them to “Pay It Forward”. Then they help three more people and those people help three more people etc… This is simply to promote “random acts of kindness” to make the world a better place.

Here’s a couple of videos to watch if you’re bored of reading already:

1. Janet shared with me this encouraging video on Youtube that demonstrates this perfectly.

2. I also saw this one on Facebook a few days ago and it made me cry (yes really). It’s an emotional one so do have tissues ready if you watch it. It’s a powerful message!

Although Pay It Forward it doesn’t have to be contained to one day of the year, do think about who you could help out especially today. Pay for someone’s coffee, give someone a bigger tip than usual, help someone carry their shopping bags, show someone a random act of kindness and appreciate them. If you have wristbands, pass one on and ask them to Pay it Forward!

Spread the word: #payitforward



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