Sophie and Her Many Hats

Jul 10, 2020

HELLO! I am Sophie Bebb, the newest addition to the Social Progress team, and having been in my new role for two weeks now, I thought it was time I introduced myself properly.


Many Social Progress fans may already know a little bit about me, as I have filled the role of Janet’s daughter for over 31 years now – my longest job role so far! Though I do have many hats that I wear…


First and foremost, I am one half of ‘fairandfunky’ with my business partner Helen Robinson. fairandfunky is a community interest company with the mission statement: empowering people to take little steps to change the world. We do this by delivering interactive and creative workshops to schools and community groups, run events, host SCRAPtastic community workshops and are the go-to organisation for local and global sustainability education in Yorkshire. I believe that as individuals we each have the power to make a positive difference in the world; through the way we act, what we wear, where we shop and what we do.


I am also a very passionate campaigner and supporter of the Fairtrade movement, so another of my many hats is as an active member of Holme Valley Fairtrade. In this role I enjoy getting to grips with social justice campaigns, and how my actions with Holme Valley Fairtrade have a positive impact on farming communities across the globe. I am not adverse to dressing up as a Fairtrade banana and parade about town to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight each year (but let’s be honest, who hasn’t dressed up as a Fairtrade banana on the Social Progress team?)


My third hat is that of a Scout Leader with 1st Holme Valley Scouts, where I am lucky enough to enjoy new exciting and adventurous challenges, spend a lot of time outdoors and gives me an excuse to behave like a big kid.


Finally, I feel I need to mention the hat I wear as owner and dog-mum of #SoProPup Bruce, who has been a frequent visitor of Social Progress HQ for almost two years now. I am lucky that Bruce has a second home with my Mum Janet on the occasions when I am on holiday and away from home, so when we are out of lockdown and back in the office you may be lucky enough to be greeted by him with a bark and a lick (or 6).


Whilst I might be new to the Social Progress team, I am not new to social media marketing. My many hats enable me to look at business from a range of viewpoints, think outside of the box and use creative ways of working, which I would consider to be one of my key strengths that I bring to the team. As a business owner I am able to look at the use of social media from a business perspective, and understand the goals and values that need to be articulated in order to make a successful social media strategy work for each individual business. I am excited to get to know clients and their businesses more, and work creatively with the rest of the Social Progress team!