NEW LinkedIn “Featured” Feature

Apr 24, 2020

Have you spotted the update on LinkedIn? It’s pretty subtle but we think it makes much more sense and makes the LinkedIn Profile look a lot neater!

LinkedIn - New Featured Section

LinkedIn have rolled out a new feature called the “Featured” Section. You may notice that any media which you had within your Summary/Introduction/About Section has now moved to a separate box underneath what is now titled the “About” Section. It’s a small change but it means that you can now highlight additional media for viewers to see.

LinkedIn Featured Section - How to edit

You can add or edit this section easily by clicking the “+” button or pencil button. The “+” button allows you to add more media and gives you options of:

  • Posts
  • Articles
  • Links
  • Media

The functionality and display of uploading media is still limited and cumbersome, but as long as you spend a little time editing the Media to suit the LinkedIn template, it’s worth perusing and using this space.

To edit the order of the Featured Media, click the “pencil” icon. This will then allow you to click the little hamburger icons (to the right of the listed media) and drag them into the order you wish to have them. Just remember that the list goes top to bottom but the Features will actually display left to right on your Profile!

Have you spotted and had a go with this new LinkedIn Feature? If not, go check it out and let us know how you get on.

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