New Facebook Search

Apr 18, 2016

Have you noticed anything new about Facebook recently? Well, apart from the obvious changes to how you interact as a Business Page, there’s a nifty new feature which not many people seem to have picked up on!

Facebook is now search friendly and picks up on keywords used within your statuses and posts, meaning that every word now counts!

The Facebook Search was notorious for being very restricted and #hashtags were the only search tool easy enough to use within the Facebook platform to find out who else was talking about a particular point of interest. Not any more!

Have you tried searching for something in Facebook recently? Have a go for yourself. It’s so much easier and more effective too!

New Facebook Search - Social Progress LtdIf you’re a bit unsure about how to use Facebook Search, let us walk you through it:

1) Once you’re signed into your Facebook Account, click into the Facebook Search box at the top of the Facebook site.

2) Type something you’re interested in (for this example we’ve used “social media” – to see if we come up in the search or not) hit return/enter on your keyboard or click on the spy glass at the side of the search box. This will bring up the results relevant to your search within Facebook OR what Facebook thinks you want to see.

New Facebook Search - Social Progress Ltd3) The search will automatically display what Facebook thinks is the “Top” information you will want to see. If you want to be more specific, you can choose from the search menu what you want to view: “Top, Latest, People, Photos, Videos, Pages, Places, Groups, Apps or Events”. These attempt to make the search more categorised.

4) Then you can scroll down and take a look to your hearts content. At the moment Social Progress doesn’t feature high up in the search for “Social Media” – there are two companies which have the words “social media” which come up top of the search simply because they have the “search term” in their company names. Great SEO brownie points for them!

New Facebook Search - Social Progress LtdWe also did a search for Social Progress to see what does pop up. Thankfully we do come “Top” of the search, along with lots of posts by Janet and I (Esther) on our Facebook Profiles (mainly sharing content from the Social Progress Business Page). As you scroll down or click onto different categories (eg. Latest) the information becomes more broad and less personal.

You may or may not know that you can also search with #hashtags and also view “what’s trending” on Facebook. Again these are search tools and points of interest. These are often great to get involved with especially if you are genuinely interested in something. For example #Networking or #Huddersfield

New Facebook Search - Social Progress LtdWhy not take a look and see what pops up if you search for yourself and/or your business. If you’re not visible, you may need to think about how you can tap into social media more effectively to get into that space and get found!

If you’d like us to take a look at your social media presence we can do a detailed Social Media Review from £230*

* A meeting to discuss the Social Media Review can be arranged for an additional cost.