New Facebook Page Experience

Dec 8, 2021

Facebook are rolling out a new ‘pages experience’, making it easier to manage your business pages and connect with your community. Not all of the new features are in place yet, and not everyone has access to the new format but it’s slowly rolling it out across the platform.

As we’re a Meta business partner and social media expert, the Social Progress page already has access to the new experience. We think it’s going to be a great way of connecting with businesses across Facebook and has better usability. It’s so much easier to interact as our page, allowing us to like and comment as Social Progress, increasing our brand awareness and involvement within our communities. Read on to find out more about this.

The new updates include;

  • A new page design that’s cleaner, easier to navigate and find important information.
  • A news feed that’s tailored to the pages that your page follows.
  • An easier way to switch between interacting as your personal profile or your page.
  • Simplified insights to learn about your audience trends and top-performing content.

Page likes are replaced solely by page follows. As your page changes over to the new format, anyone who liked but didn’t follow your page will not transition over. This means you could lose some of your audience. Albeit page followers are more meaningful as those people will receive your updates in their news feed.

Tools to manage your page are all in one place allowing you to see your actionable insights, create ads and explore other tools available.

You can also manage the people who help to run your page, choosing which features they have access to. Assigning permissions is clearer, and you can assign based on specific tasks like insights, ads, content and community activities such as messaging. Classic page roles such as moderator and editor aren’t currently available.


Certain features won’t be included in the new experience such as:

  • Certain publishing tools such as scheduling posts – But this can be done through Facebook Business Suite or Creator Studio.
  • Some business features such as jobs, appointments and offers.
  • Reviews, check-ins and business page templates.

These features aren’t available on the new format yet, but could be in the future as Facebook continues to update across the platform.

We think it’s going to be a great addition to Facebook and look forward to seeing the potential the new experience has to offer.

Has your page updated yet? Let us know what you think. And if you need any help, get in touch.