My Work Placement at Social Progress

Jul 21, 2023

Here are some highlights from my work placement!


On my first day at Social Progress, I arrived and met the SoPro team and Tiny the dog, who was quiet and friendly.

I was told that throughout the week I would be shadowing different members of the team starting with Aruba. She ran me through how to use Canva which was a very fun and interesting website. I enjoyed helping to create the World Emoji Day Instagram post which needed to be bright and eye catching, so it would be stimulating and enjoyable for anyone who looked through. I really enjoyed doing this task!

After that I did some research for one of Hannah’s clients, Grandma Wild’s Biscuits. I made a mood board for ideas they could use for Instagram, which was fun because some of the biscuits looked really good!


On my second day at SoPro, I helped Aruba by making a mood board for one of her clients, Lu’s Place. I liked doing this because I could use nice colours to demonstrate how it would look, so people would get the right information for their upcoming event. After this, Bruce, Sophie’s dog came in which was funny because every time someone came past the window or door, he barked! Although it made me jump – it was still funny! Later, I helped Aruba design the poster I had made a mood board for, I think it looked very nice and was informative. When lunch was over, Hannah demonstrated how to schedule a post. This was cool because that way didn’t have to remember what day to post content, which makes it easier for anyone posting.


On my third day SoPro, I worked with Aruba and wrote a blog on Threads.  This was exciting and interesting because I didn’t know much about Threads until I did some research for the blog. It’s actually quite similar to Twitter as people can share their opinions and help others by answering their questions.


On my last day at SoPro, I worked with Hannah to help with the Holmfirth Food and Drink Festival posts. Now that I’m confident in using Canva, I was able to add fun graphics to the post. Later on, I created hashtags for its captions too!


Thank you to everyone at Social Progress for making my work experience week fun and interesting. I will definitely consider something like this in the future!