My Six Months at Social Progress – The Perception Vs Reality!

Mar 11, 2021

When I mentioned in passing during one of our BNI zoom catch up calls to Janet that I was looking at getting myself a part time job for circa 6 months whilst the world of travel got back on its feet, I never expected to end up working for Social Progress!

The brief I gave myself for my new role was “I am looking for an easy job that will not affect family life and still give me time to work either side on my travel business”. Well, the last two points were definitely ticked but easy? Definitely not!

My perception of working at Social Progress and taking on the role of Social Media Account Management was that I would be “messing around on Facebook”. Given that I use Facebook extensively for my own business, as well as LinkedIn and Instagram, I thought it would be a walk in the park.

Well, no, that is absolutely not what I have been doing and I really am grateful for all I have learnt as this has also had a positive impact on my own business and the way I engage with my audience.

Facebook and Instagram change on a regular basis and learning how to get the most from each platform has been a revelation. Instagram stories and how they can significantly increase customer interaction as well as build followers. Hashtags and how to maximise character limits to name but a few.

Not to mention the intricate relationship that needs to be developed with each business we are working with. I have become the “voice” of my clients across their social media platforms. The clients we work with are so varied and I am going to miss each of them. Although I am not sat in their office, working on the posts imagery (including branding and design) and text has made me feel like I am actually part of their teams. It is going to be strange seeing the posts continue but without me actually doing them.

Also, the sense of pride achieved whilst working at Social Progress was not something I was expecting. Seeing how my clients followers have increased, turnover improved, more customers registering is amazing and that is down to ensuring that everything we do has a purpose and a goal which is aligned with each individual company.

I will always feel like I am part of the Social Progress team and will genuinely miss working with them as well as my clients. And, to anyone who thinks Social Media Account Management is just “messing around on Facebook” could not be more wrong! This is a skilled role that is intense but very rewarding!