Luis’ first year at Social Progress

Jul 10, 2019

Luis’ first Year at Social Progress

It’s been one year since I began working at Social Progress, which has absolutely flown by! Leading up to my role here, I was out of work and becoming despondent with my applications after many rejections, so to get to this point is a big deal for me, not least because it’s an environment that I’ve never worked in before.

My previous roles included working in a kitchen whilst I was at school and a little beyond, to coaching in Mexico, Spain and China. I also worked as a delivery driver whilst studying for a degree in Sport, Fitness and Coaching and completed a Diploma in Digital Marketing to strengthen my background. These roles taught me to be self-driven, but also how to communicate with different people from other cultures and of other ages.

I fell into Social Media account management whilst studying for my degree by managing the social media channels for my cycling club and also a friend’s business. This felt natural and as though this was the right path for me. Both ventures also valued my suggestions and I looked for ways to improve their online presence, one having clear marketing objective whilst the other was merely for awareness. To be offered the chance to begin a pathway into the digital marketing world as a profession was an exciting opportunity.


I have learned a lot since being here, through the team and by working in this environment, I also feel that I have learned a lot about myself and what I’m capable of. The biggest lesson would be that building a network around you is absolutely paramount to be able to help yourself as well as the business.

LinkedIn has become a huge fascination to me, likewise is the way that some people and businesses don’t use Social Media to its full potential, which is precisely why I have the job that I do. When I started at Social Progress, Janet told me the story of how she set up the business and that she expected it would only be a short term business as people would come to understand how to use Social Media. Yet, now we have more clients than ever before, the team is bigger than ever and still growing.

During my time here, I’ve attended networking events and exhibitions, taken photos for clients and created videos for expensive ad campaigns as well as acquiring my PfCO Drone Operations License. In the beginning, I had a small number of clients and this is just keeps growing – to now managing the most clients internally! I’m really keen to continue to learn and develop and only wish I had started all this sooner. Social Media certainly isn’t going anywhere, it’s growing and changing every day, businesses will become more and more dependant on it, it’s just whether they realise it or not!

Thank you!

Lastly, thanks to the team and in particular, Janet Bebb. Janet took quite a risk given that I hadn’t worked in an office previously; having had more active jobs and a lack of administrative experience. Becky, Esther, Alex and Mel are always on hand to bounce ideas off and help keep things moving along nicely. Everyone has their own unique skill in this office, which is what makes it so great! I can’t wait to see where Social Progress goes next and what more we can do for our clients!