LinkedIn gets its users to be more competitive with “How You Rank”

May 24, 2014

LinkedIn has been flagging a little of late. We’ve noticed that less and less people are interacting on LinkedIn. Have you noticed the same?

So LinkedIn has brought in a new feature that taps into our competitive streak.

We can now see how we compare with other in our network within LinkedIn with “How You Rank”. This will show you in order, who within your connections, got the most views over the previous 30 days.

It will also suggest ways that you can improve your profile and get more views. Free members will see the top 10 members in their network as well as the 10 members around them. So if you rank 99 you’d see 89 to 109. Premium members see the top 100 and the 100 members around them.

How to find how you’re ranking

To see how you rank, from the Home tab click on the link to see ‘Who’s Viewed You Profile’ to the right of the page.

This will show you the people or Profiles who have viewed your LinkedIn Profile, how many views and a graph showing when those views took place in the past 90 days.


At the top of this page you’ll see a blue tab called ‘How you rank for profile views’ click on here and then you’ll see the top10 most viewed Profiles in your network , you can also ‘jump to you’ to see who’s just above & below you, whether you’re on the up or down and ‘easy ways to get more views’.


Will this be a useful feature?

Well yes in some ways I think. The more optimized the profile, the more views & therefore more leads generated! It will help people know what to do to improve their profiles but at the end of the day you just need to be better than your competitors not necessarily your network.

There’s an analogy I use often in social media training sessions about standing out from the competition. There were two men walking along in the woods when suddenly they see a bear running towards them. One man takes his back back off and starts to take off his boots and replaced them for running shoes. The second man says “What are you doing? The bear is gaining on us. You can’t outrun the bear” To which the first man replies “I’m not looking to outrun the bear. All I need to do is outrun you.” That’s just the same in business, we just need to be better than the competition.

Still think it should be Quality V Quantity when it comes to connections though!

Will this help you improve your profile or would you still look for an expert to help you set up your profile?