What I’ve Learnt So Far: My top tips for working at Social Progress

Mar 29, 2018

What I’ve Learnt So Far: My top tips for working at Social Progress

So I’m just coming to the end of my 2nd month as the ‘SoPro Newbie’ and have been asked to write a blog about my experiences so far, so here it is:


  1. I know more than I think I do (and more people!) and having qualified as a broadcast journalist, worked in TV, been a business & marketing consultant, run 2 businesses (one limited company and one social enterprise) – I’ve picked up a lot of useful knowledge and skills along the way, that can come in really handy.
  2. My new blue Doc Martens are a ‘talking point’ and luckily ‘on brand’ when there SoPro blue!
  3. I enjoy a challenge
  4. I find it exciting when something works and I get a win for a client – even if it’s just a new interaction on social media

Social Progress Team Member

Social Media

  1. As an early adopter of all things blogging, digital marketing and social media (as part of my role as Marketing Director of an online accounting software company), I had to learnt on the job & teach myself about Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, SEO, keywords, hashtags etc, but what I learnt then still applies now.  Above all, social media marketing is a great tool for any business.
  2. But, however much you think you know about social media, there’s always more to learn, and some new app, widget or functionality that’s just appeared.
  3. Don’t press on a new widget unless you know what it does!
  4. A ‘Boomerang’ isn’t just something from Australia that keeps coming back…

Social Progress

  1. You have to be able to hit the ground running and schedule your time carefully to fit everything in
  2. I will be expected to dance, mime film & TV programmes, pose with an umbrella, show my socks & walk across a busy road in the style of The Beatles crossing Abbey Road, on my second day.
  3. Taking pictures of cakes, menus, flowers (and tweeting about it) is actually ‘work’.
  4. You can see the world go by from the SoPro offices (literally!)
  5. Hashtags and emoji cushions are appropriate office accessories
  6. Cheese and networking go together
  7. Everything can be described in terms of cake (and/or cheese)
  8. You have to like blue and yellow (and it’s a good idea to have at least one outfit that’s ‘on brand’ – see Doc Martens above)
  9. There’s always fresh coffee in the pot
  10. The SoPro car park is challenging!

Team SoPro

  1. Rebecca is fond of cheesy cheese-based (and other food-related) jokes
  2. She types incredibly fast!
  3. Janet doesn’t like pink (but loves festivals & music)
  4. Everyone loves a pork pie except me
  5. I’m older than Rebecca, but younger than Janet, and unfortunately am old enough to be Georgia’s mum!
  6. Rebecca has earrings for every occasion (including Twitter ones!)

Social Progress is a great fun place to work and I’ve been made to feel part of the team and welcomed with open arms!!!

Team SoPro Teamwork Social Media

Written by SoPro Lisa


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