Introducing Big Screen Social

Sep 2, 2016

We have some big news. We mean BIG. No, really REALLY BIG! We would like to introduce you to a brand new product and service form Social Progress… (Cue X Factor voice) Introducing; BIG SCREEN SOCIAL!

Big Screen Social - Twitter Wall - Instagram Wall - Visual Display for Live Tweets

Big Screen Social is a platform that creatively and visually displays social media posts and images based around a hashtag on a BIG SCREEN at an event! It’s an opportunity for you and your attendees to get noticed and stand out from the crowd. A great idea for business conferences, trade shows, festivals, expos / exhibitions and even wedding celebrations and parties!

Big Screen Social is designed to take an event to the next level by creating a digital buzz through the power of social media. Having a Live Twitter Wall (and/or Instagram Wall) encourages attendees to have fun and join in the conversation leading up to, during and after an event.

(If you find yourself asking “what is a Twitter Wall?” then you may be interested in reading another of our blog posts called “What is a Twitter Wall?”)

Techtrade Yorkshire 2016 - Social Progress Ltd - Exhibiting Stand 5 - Elland Road LeedsBig Screen Social has it’s debut screening at Techtrade Yorkshire on Thursday 8th September 2016. This will be the first time we see the specially designed social media wall platform on a big screen and actually working!

A HUGE THANK YOU goes to the following amazing people for making Big Screen Social a reality for Social Progress:

Dave from Delicious Media – Dave has coded and built the actual Big Screen Social platform for us and will be helping us to develop it further after it’s debut at Techtrade Yorkshire!

John from John Polley Brand Communications – John has created the awesome branding for Big Screen Social taking inspiration from the Social Progress branding he did without merging the two together. We absolutely love it!

Andy from Fastsigns (Leeds) – Andy is loaning us the screen for Techtrade Yorkshire and also printing the graphics to go on/around the screen. We can’t wait to see it!

We also had some props (selfie frame, whiteboard speech bubbles and hashtags) printed by CV Graphics – Esther’s itching to use the big hashtag props John Polley designed for us!

Big Screen Social - Selfie Frame - Social Progress Ltd - Techtrade Yorkshire - Twitter Wall

Overall we absolutely can not wait to see Big Screen Social in action for the first time on Thursday 8th September at Techtrade Yorkshire (Elland Road, Leeds). Did you know we’ll be exhibiting there and Esther will also be managing the event Twitter account for the day too! We’ll be encouraging exhibitors, speakers and delegates to get involved by using #TY16 in their tweets. Big Screen Social will be programmed to display the tweets using #TY16 in them and hopefully naturally encourage people to tweet and see their messages, photos and tweets on the screen too!

Big Screen Social - Social Progress Ltd - Techtrade Yorkshire - Twitter Wall - Exhibiting Stand 5     Big Screen Social - Social Progress Ltd - Techtrade Yorkshire - Twitter Wall - Exhibiting Stand 5

Will you be attending Techtrade Yorkshire? If so, see you there! (We’re on Stand 5!) If not, follow the excitement of the day on Twitter: #TY16

To be one of the first to hear about the development of Big Screen Social you can sign up to the eNewsletter through the Big Screen Social website (click here).

P.s. Watch this space for a preview video – we’re working on one so you can see what Big Screen Social looks like in action!


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