In the words of Monty Python – SPAM, SPAM, SPAM

Jul 27, 2013

With the increase in BLOGGING the option to leave comments on a blog post has opened up a wide cavern for the odd bods & weirdo’s to attempt to SPAM our websites. Do they really think we’re not going to read them first before hitting the APPROVED button!

So I thought I’d share with you some of the weird and wonderful comments I’ve received lately…..

  • You made running a blog glance – you made a sentence make no sense!
  • ED also shouted: Zhang silversmith to remain lump of wood, how so naive girl to perform it before the temple, told her how to walk, how to have engaged palanquin. – since when was my website a novel! Am I suppose to add the next bit to this? Ok here goes – she stood up in from of the temple and lo and behold she could walk!
  • How do you do these and still remain the person you are – Well you know, it’s a hard job but I try my best (Flattery will get you….nowhere)
  • Out of your busy schedule you still find time to reply to all the comments on your site. – Er, do I ? How would you know?
  • Wow, fantastic weblog structure! How lengthy have you ever been running a blog for? – How lengthy have you been writing comments what don’t really read too well – Huh?
  • How do you do! call: porn video lighting – group teen porn or free hd porn movies for ipad – free teen porn babe …. Take care of yourself! – Is your hope that if you mention the word ‘porn’ enough times I’ll say to myself “Oh go on then, lets approve this comment”

And finally…..

  • I’d need to talk with you here. Which isn’t some thing I do!
    I love to reading an article which will find out people to
    feel. Also, thank you permitting me to comment! 
    – Er (1) if you want to talk to me there are lots of ways you can do so without trying to spam my blog (2) you are talking to me on here by writing the comment (3) I haven’t allowed you to comment on my blog – I’ve just deleted you!


We’d love to hear your funny, annoying or down right weird blog comment attempts…..please share them with us…..


Picture credit (Tin of Spam) – [Thanks for using creative commons]