How to Write the Perfect Social Media Post

Oct 13, 2022

How to write the perfect social media post


Much of the feedback we get from our clients is that they feel overwhelmed when it comes to composing a social media post – is this something you can relate to?

Here at Social Progress we’ve compiled some useful tips around the essential elements that go into creating the perfect social media post, to make managing your social media feel a little less overwhelming.

By applying these tips to your social media, you can make your content more appealing to more people.


Tip no.1: Keep It Short and Sweet

As a general rule, short posts on social media perform better than long ones – people value their time. Sometimes, the content you’re sharing may require a more in-depth description, but try not to do this every time you post. The ideal length for a post is a couple of sentences, broken up by spaces if possible, giving your audience a bitesize look in to the ins and outs of your business.


Tip no.2: Stay Positive

Do you want your audience to be excited and inspired by what you’re saying on social media? The way to do that is to frame your social media posts with a positive outlook. It’s still great to share your opinion and viewpoint, especially if it’s relevant to your brand and services, but avoid criticizing others when you do so – it’s not only unprofessional, but can hurt any trust or credibility you’ve built with your existing audience.

So stay positive, upbeat and inspiring: like attracts like, so you’ll see the positivity come back to you from your followers!


Tip no.3: What Is Your Call To Action?

People are more likely to engage with your social media posts when you reach out to them for their opinions and feedback, so make the most of that! Remember, the more your audience engages with your posts, the more engaged they will feel with you and your brand, and therefore more likely to use your services in future!


Tip no.4: Get Tagging!

Mentioning others in your social media posts is a powerful social media tool that many often forget about. It’s part networking, part gratitude and part promotion. Mentioning or “tagging” someone on social media is simple – all you have to do is enter @, start typing the name of the business you want to include, select their page or profile from the drop down list and VOILA!

If they’re active on their own social media, they’ll get a notification and be glad for the mention. They may even reshare your post with a simple click, meaning your content is getting in front of a whole new (but relevant) audience!


Tip no.5: Make Use of Hashtags

If you’re not using hashtags in your captions, you should be! Hashtags are clickable keywords or topics that your audience uses as an extra search tool to help find content relevant to them and their lives, so make sure you’re found!

It’s important to use relevant and specific hashtags that make sense for you and your content, so start now and think about how your hashtags can work for you. And if you need a bit of extra help, take a look at our Hashtag Cheat Sheet to give you some inspiration.


Tip no.6: Use Emojis

Emojis have proven to be a useful tool to break down larger snippets of text, as well as adding that extra eye-catching element to your content. But don’t go overboard! Make sure the emojis are relevant to the text you’re typing, to make the key take-aways from the caption stand out.


Tip no.7: Be Visual

Did you know that visual content is likely to get more shares, likes and comments than posts that are solely text-based? Text is easy to scroll past, but photos, videos and branded graphics help make people pause while they are scrolling through their newsfeed, and using an eye-catching visual will increase your chances of engaging with your audience.

Think you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in to writing the perfect social media post? We’d love to know if this blog post helped you to do so, so please do leave your feedback in the comments.

Or if you’d like a bit more of a helping hand, take a look at our bitesize and budget-friendly online courses to help you up your social media game.

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