How to stop being tagged in Instagram Posts – Congratulations! You’ve won an iPhone!

Feb 7, 2022

Congratulations! You’ve won an iPhone!

Instagram Post saying 'Congratulations! You have won an iPhone 13!

Only you haven’t really, have you? You may, instead, just have been tagged in an Instagram post, spammed, or even scammed (but we hope not).

This is the latest scamming craze going around on Instagram where you and a few others receive a notification that you are tagged / mentioned in a post: ‘Congratulations! You have won an iPhone 13! Click on the link….’

But wait, DON’T DO IT – if it’s too good to be true it probably is, and in this case that’s exactly right. It’s a scam, and one that we’re hoping Meta, Facebook, Instagram will put a stop to quickly.

Each of our team have a work mobile phone for communicating with clients. We use them predominantly to communicate by WhatsApp and phone calls. But we also use these mobile phones to access Instagram and other social media platforms for clients too – we’ve had A LOT of spam to contend with recently!

So how do we stop the scammers?

Well, yes there is a way to stop getting bombarded with Congratulations, you’ve won an iPhone 13!

Firstly, open your Instagram account on your mobile

Select your Instagram Account (bottom right icon showing your profile photo) so that you see your Profile

Social Progress Instagram Account Profile

Then go to the top right of your home screen and select the three lines which will take you to this screen

Instagram Settings

Next select Settings at the top and you’ll see all your options (you might see a few different options depending on if you have a business profile or a personal profile etc)

Instagram Account Settings

Here select ‘Privacy’ which will take you to this screen

Privacy settings on Instagram Account

From here tap on ‘Posts’ and you’ll be taken to screen showing who can tag you in posts

Privacy settings on Instagram Account

Next change from ‘Everyone’ to ‘People you follow’

Allowing Everyone to tag you in Instagram Posts Changing who's allowed to tag you in posts on Instagram to People You Follow

Then navigate back to your account and voila! No more annoying posts tagging you into spam. Now granted people you don’t follow won’t be allowed to tag you in posts but in the grand scheme of things we think this is a small price to pay for your safety and security.

Don’t be fooled, don’t get scammed and never, ever click on links that say you’ve won something or enter a competition on social media that asks for your details to enter unless you are completely sure it’s legit!