How to Like and Comment as your LinkedIn Page

Mar 24, 2022

Have you ever felt a little frustrated because you wanted to respond to a post on LinkedIn as your Page but couldn’t?

As you’ll know, if you use LinkedIn on a regular basis, it’s a powerful tool to grow your network, build relationships, share your thoughts, knowledge and experience. But sometimes it’s more about your business than you as an individual, in which case you’ll want to get your business and brand into the conversation.

Currently you can respond on a post if your LinkedIn Page is tagged / mentioned in the post but not if you’re not tagged or mentioned.

If you go to your LinkedIn Company Page and select ‘Activity’ then filter to ‘Mentions’ you’ll be able to see who’s tagged you in a post and you’ll be able to like, comment and share the post as your Page.

However, did you know there’s also a way to like, comment and share a post even if your LinkedIn Company Page isn’t tagged / mentioned.

LinkedIn, did change the functionality for a while and allowed you to toggle between your LinkedIn Profile and your Page. However, it seems like they decided against this. But it is still possible to interact on posts your LinkedIn Company Page is not tagged in with this little hack.

How to Like, Comment and Share a LinkedIn Post as your LinkedIn Page

Step 1:

Select the three dots (top left corner of the post)






Step 2:

Paste the post link in to your browser. You’ll see just this post and your Profile photo in the ‘Add a comment’ window.

Step 3:

Find your Company Page ID. To do this open a new tab on your browser and navigate to your LinkedIn Company Page. Easiest way to find your Page is to click on the photo of you (top right of the screen). Then in the dropdown, select your page.

In the browser you’ll see the URL for your Page. In our case it’s – and so our unique company ID is 2372401

Step 4:

Add the following to the post link you want to comment on –

/?actorCompanyId=#YOUR COMPANY ID HERE#

Click enter and hey presto! You are now viewing the post as your Page and can Like, Comment and Share the Post as your Page.


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