How to get more engagement with your customers on Facebook

Nov 22, 2012

More & more we’re hearing how businesses are finding it difficult to engage with their customers on Facebook.

We’re all aware by now that just by someone ‘like’ing your business page does not guarantee that everything you post on your wall will be seen in your likers News Feed.

So how do we make sure people see MORE and can keep engaged with us?

Well although it’s not easy one thing you can do is encourage people to also select ‘Get Notifications’.

This is a drop down just below the ‘LIKE’ button which once selected will mean that future posts that the likers are ‘eligible to see’ (Facebook’s words not mine so don’t ask me to explain, ask Facebook) will now be shown in that persons Notifications. You can do the same with Friends by the way (or switch them off if they are too annoying!)

You can also encourage them to select ‘Show in News Feed’ – which will do just that – show updates in their Newsfeed!

Basically a higher proportion (if not all) will be seen in the likers news feed so you’re more likely to build relationships and engagement with those people.

Have you got any great tips to share on building engagement through Facebook?