How to create the perfect social media CAKE!

Jul 3, 2019

If you’re already familiar with Social Progress Ltd, you’ll know that we tend to talk about cake (and eat it) – a lot! But when it comes to Social Progress & cake, it’s not just about a love of all things sweet, spongey and satisfying! We often talk about how starting with a client’s social media content management is a lot like putting together the perfect recipe for your online and social media presence. Let us explain…

Step 1) Decide to get going

Like baking, if you’re not prepared, don’t have the necessary ingredients in house or don’t have the time to dedicate to the task, you may not get very far or get the best results. Therefore it’s best to start your bake with the right frame of mind and willing to engage with the world of digital marketing.

Step 2) Choose the right recipe for your business

The initial stages of working with Social Progress will involve looking at different social media channels, where your business should be, what are your objectives and how do we achieve your key targets. Knowing what you want to do and where will help with knowing whether you need a carrot cake, or Victoria sponge. This falls into our Review and Strategy & Planning stages.

Step 3) Get your ingredients into the bowl

Create a satisfying mix of your branding, assets, fonts, tone of voice and content to ensure that your messages are being delivered to your audience in the best and most efficient manner. Social Progress can help with adding new and exciting ingredients to the bowl, such as video, photography, graphics and copywriting.

Step 4) Pop it all in the oven

Your social media will take some time to bake as it needs to naturally grow and generate an authentic, relevant audience. Adding some advertising into the mix will help the cake to rise a bit quicker, but it’s not essential. Social Progress can help when it comes to advertising across Facebook and Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and even Google.

Step 5) It’s time for some decoration!

Over time, you’ll see what works on your social media and what doesn’t. The regular insights and reports from Social Progress will help to identify where you may need a touch of this, a sprinkling of that or just something else to pop the cherry on top.

However, the bake certainly isn’t finished! As your business grows and develops, you may want to change your strategy, add a new product or target a new audience. Therefore it’s worth looking at all of these ingredients again and looking at new recipes with your account manager at Social Progress.

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