How Is #Barbenheimer Impacting Social Media?

Aug 4, 2023

In light of all the excitement and suspense that led up to the debuts of Barbie and Oppenheimer, 21stJuly 2023 is one to go down in history!

Barbie follows the iconic doll and her boyfriend, Ken, as they leave the toy world and enter the real one. In contrast, Oppenheimer, narrates the true story of physicist Julius Robert Oppenheimer as he develops the atomic bomb during World War II. The two most-anticipated movies of the summer couldn’t be more different, yet social media is abuzz with conversation about both of them.

Never late to jump on the bandwagon, Team SoPro decided to investigate how both movies impacted the digital realm. While studying both films’ social media trends, the team had an energetic chat on which is the better hashtag – #Barbenheimer or #Oppenbarbie?



While Barbie’s trailer and captivating stills weaved a fantastical storyline, nobody really knew its essence. While the link to the iconic doll and her friends was clear, the audience was left wanting more.

With today’s social media users flooded with choices – content creators leveraged TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter to create series of engaging threads that would analyse easter eggs showcased in the trailer. Leading up to the release, fan theories became wilder. For instance, many speculated that Ken would be the real villain. Or is he not? If you haven’t already seen the movie – that’s for us to know and you to find out!

Businesses weren’t slow to arrive on the scene – many corporations indulged in some fun by creating Barbie-themed Reels and TikToks. For example, our client, Lu’s Place showcased Barbie and Ken’s Day at the café!

On the other hand, Oppenheimer took a more conventional approach toward success. In line with Christopher Nolan’s visionary storytelling, the trailer showcased stunning visuals and a powerful narration that triggered chatter across social media. Oppenheimer’s marketing team wisely incorporated Nolan’s name in all promotions, enabling audience to anticipate nothing short of an excellent film.

Although Oppenheimer remains a hit amongst viewers, the volume of posts about Barbie skyrocketed beyond those about Oppenheimer. It has been recorded that there have been nearly 7 million social media posts about Barbie this year!

Based on this, next time you’re about to launch a new product or venture – leave your audience wanting more. Giving them the chance to put their thoughts forward improves your chances of becoming more visible in the digital landscape.



While both films’ trailers were successful in generating organic social media content and conversations, the marketing teams leveraged websites for promotion.

Barbie’s grand reveal of the AI selfie generator, led to the brand’s share of engagement to soar above Oppenheimer’s. The accessible and easy-to-use AI selfie generator instantly enabled users to create Barbie-styled portraits that they could share with their followers.

One for the history buffs – Oppenheimer’s historical ties inspired the marketing team to post a rather clever countdown clock on the film’s promotional website. Resulting in rising excitement for its release. Also, Oppenheimer’s website includes a fantastic interactive map for fans to explore!

Think of ways in which your brand can click with its target market. What are the activities they would be interested in? Trust us, this strategy will definitely pay off.


Do you know any other tips and tricks social media professionals can pick from Barbie and Oppenheimer? If yes, do let us know! We’d be happy to learn.

Right, before we wrap this, let’s settle one problem – Which is the better hashtag, #Barbenheimer or #Oppenbarbie? Let us know in the comments!