How do we stay connected whilst we are apart?

Jan 29, 2021

Social Progress like many businesses have had to alter their current working situation with each team member now working from home. Working in a creative world, being apart can provide many challenges. I do not think any of us realised how many times we said the words “can you just check this” or “what do you think of this” after creating a SoPro design masterpiece or word copy!

Also, Claire joined the team recently and it is never easy starting a new job but a new job when you are on your own throws up even more challenges.

So, how do we keep connected and continue to support each other the SoPro way?

Simple really, we communicate!

We each have Whatsapp Web set up on our PC and open at all times with a group strictly for internal team communication. Many might think that would get annoying but it is a quick and easy way to ask someone to check something, float an idea or like this morning, share the delights that our cats brought in!

Zoom, not scheduled zoom meetings but “I just need help with this, has anyone got a minute” zooms. Quick, efficient and a chance to speak face to face, even if virtually. It also gives us an opportunity to have a quick catch up on life away from work and also discuss other points for future projects.

A weekly team meeting. We have always had a monthly team meeting but we now have a quick 30 minute catch up over zoom every Wednesday morning. This makes sure everyone has a plan and is happy and provide any support that is needed. It also gives us chance to see Tiny & Bruce our SoPro four legged dogs. We often have guest appearances from a child or two which has actually connected us as families, not just as a team.

Phone Calls! Nothing about the current situation we are living in is “normal” and we are all aware of that. Check in calls are not scripted and scheduled but picking up the phone and asking how each of us are makes a big difference and none of us are scared to do that.

We do not have the perfect answer but so far (touching wood) we are still a team that are there for each other. Besides the fact most are not drinking Janets posh office coffee and are back on standard instant, we are still one SoPro team!