How can I Use VSCO for Social Media Content this Autumn?

Sep 1, 2023

1st and 3rd photo by: @agirliscurious

2nd photo by: Aruba Nadeem

Have you come across VSCO? Aruba here at Social Progress has, but we have to confess others in the team are a little clueless as to what it is and what it does. So, if you are like Janet, Alex & Hannah at Social Progress, let us explain.

VSCO is a little like Instagram but different. VSCO is a photo and video editing app that combines premium quality filters and tools. The app provides a sharing platform to professional content creators and enthusiasts looking to express themselves. With a thoughtful curation process, VSCO also offers feature to its members in sharing content across social media. However, unlike Instagram and other popular social media platforms you can’t like or comment on posts in VSCO.

With Autumn nearby, it couldn’t be a better time to start curating content for the most aesthetically pleasing (we’re biased) season!

Having a keen eye for visuals is now more important than ever. Not only does aesthetic content push forward your brand story but, also leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Which is why it’s important to have a user-friendly editing app on hand! That’s where VSCO comes in – described as “the creator’s champion”, VSCO enables users to express themselves through daily activities.

Keep reading to learn how you can use VSCO to enhance and a personal touch to your social media content for Autumn.


Is Pumpkin Spice Still Trending?

As soon as the air gets crisp, most people are likely to indulge in a pumpkin spice latte or a slice of pumpkin bread.

Cater to the Millennial and Gen Z obsession with pumpkin spice by promoting limited-time menu items and seasonal recipes.

If your business is not food-centric, worry not! You could always whip up a post showcasing the team enjoying pumpkin spice themed food and drinks.

Remember to tag the café or bakery, it’s a great way to increase your social media visibility and get a conversation going with your audience.

But, always remember – don’t forget to take your reusable cup(s) with you when grabbing coffee to go!

Now this bit is probably where you’re wondering, “how can I make food look good on social media?”

Keep in mind that lighting can make or break your photo. The best way to capture food, is in natural lighting. For instance, soft sunlight coming in through a window.

If you’re shooting outdoors, move the plate to a spot with even shade to avoid harsh light and shadows.

Use VSCO’s U5 filter to incorporate that crispy autumn touch.


How Can I Use Location to Promote my Business?

One of the things that makes places worth visiting is knowing where they’re located. Capture the signs of an emerging autumn in your area to make your online presence more personable.

This way, not only would the target market know where to find you, it’s also a stellar opportunity to collaborate with other businesses in the surrounding area!

For instance, our very own client, North Light Physiotherapy is nestled in the village of Armitage Bridge. The practice is closely located by beautiful trees and a cosy café,  

Give them a follow to stay tuned for content. Who doesn’t love to see autumn foliage?

Set the mood for the season by adjusting VSCO’s Temperature slider. You could even edit with the C7 filter to capture the feeling of the fading warmth before winter.


So, are you in Aruba’s camp and are like “yeah, I’ve heard of VSCO and use it regularly” or are you like Janet, Alex, and Hannah, not having heard if it at all until now?

Can you think of any other ways in which you can use VSCO to add depth and variety to your social media feed?

We’d love to hear your ideas. Let us know in the comments!