Hello from SoPro Jo!

Jun 16, 2021


You may have seen the news; someone new has joined the Social Progress Team!  We’d like to introduce Joanna Bradley. As is tradition, we’ve asked her to write a blog about herself as she starts her new chapter as a Social Media Account Manager. This is what she has to say:

Hey! I’m Joanna, the newest member here at Social Progress.  I have worked with social media for a couple of years now and am excited to take this to a new level with Social Progress.  The team here are brilliant and so welcoming, I am really looking forward to working alongside them and developing my skills here.

I have a love of music and theatre and enjoy playing piano and guitar in my free time.  I can’t wait for venues to start opening up again so that I can see some live performances – I already have my tickets for the stage production of Moulin Rouge (my favourite film!) when it comes to London this Winter.  I grew up on the stage through music, acting and dancing, and actually performed in a dance show and the parade at Disneyland Paris.

Pre-Covid I spent six months travelling around Turkey, Armenia, Georgia and Greece, and even found myself in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh (but that’s a story for another day).  Travelling was the most amazing experience, allowing me to meet people from all over the world who walk very different paths of life.  During this period, I had the pleasure of volunteering on an eco-yoga farm as well as in a couple of hostels, scuba diving off the coast of Turkey and spending the night camped on a boat under the stars, and hitch-hiking my way from one end of Georgia to the other!

My parents are both very experienced in marketing and I have watched both them and my sister set up their own businesses.  I have learnt a lot from them over the years in terms of how to market businesses to very different audiences.  My new Account Manager role will be a chance for me to get to know a range of different clients and business types and I look forward to finding new ways of marketing them to reach their ideal customers.

We’re excited to have SoPro Jo on board and look forward to introducing her to you over the next few weeks and months. Please do help us make her feel welcome and say “hello”.