Happy 2nd Birthday – Social Progress

Oct 31, 2013

Where has the last two years gone? Talk about flown by!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank just some of the people who help to make it happen in the beginning & those along the journey who have kept me going.

There are far too many to mention every one but here are just a few:-

  • A very lovely lady who was a work colleague & encouraged me to ‘do it’!
  • The marketeer who educated me on the importance of getting a good strong brand from the beginning (THE best advice I’ve ever, ever, ever had).
  • A presenter we used at Business Link Yorkshire & my first paid client.
  • The LinkedIn presenter who said there was enough work for the two of us & more!
  • The PRIDE lot (Purpose, Results, Inspire, Determination, Evolve) – Paula, Gina, Georgie, Joanne & Sadhana – who have kept me going whenever I had a bad day (not very often to be fair), a helpful ear when I’ve had a gripe (maybe a few times) & there to celebrate with when thing are going great (lots of times).

Thanks to all the others out there in social media land who I’ve come to know & trust – keep up the ‘banter’!

Cheers Big Ears!