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Mar 17, 2015

At the beginning of February 2015 I wrote a blog post to celebrate Janet and her amazing achievements – this included the latest news about her becoming an official Growth Accelerator Coach. So following on from this we thought it might be worth writing a little bit about what Growth Accelerator actually is and how it can benefit a business.

Growth Accelerator Logo

Growth Accelerator is a government-backed service that is part of the Business Growth Service. The sole purpose for this programme is to give thriving businesses the essential support they need to get to the next level. So if you know where you want to go next but you just need a hand getting there, the Growth Accelerator  programme may be ideal for your business.

Did you know that the most common barriers for business growth is related to strategy and management? And did you also know that 94% of those using [business] advice have seen benefits?

So why not invest in a Growth Accelerator coach, like Janet, to benefit from professional business advice – you’ll get more than just the match-funding out of it! Coaches are dotted all across the UK and are wanting to support you and help you to grow.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, Janet has had the privilege of working with many businesses which were all at different stages of growth. She has a passion for people and doesn’t just look at developing the business itself but enjoys seeing how the businessmen and women develop as individuals too. She has a friendly and approachable manor but that doesn’t mean she lacks any professionalism! Janet knows her stuff and you can definitely judge her by her fruit! See it for yourself here: Social Progress newspaper clip on Facebook

Growth Accelerator Chart

How can Growth Accelerator support you and your business? – Image from Growth Accelerator Info Pack

So moving onto some details about the Growth Accelerator programme, what can you expect to get if you sign up your business?

  • Professional business support and advice from an official and experienced Growth Accelerator Coach – they will assist with the growth of the company to achieve rates in excess of 20% per annum
  • Your business will be eligible to apply for additional match-funding of up to £2000 per senior manager specifically for training and development of the company management
  • Access to a programme of workshops or master classes that are related to management development training for free
  • An online (anonymous) survey which pin-points strengths and weaknesses within the company – completed by existing employees
  • You will be able to join the “community of the fastest growing and most exciting businesses in the UK today!”
  • Institute of Directors (IoD) election fee waiver
Growth Accelerator Prices

Growth Accelerator Prices

All in all, if your business is growing and you need support to go further, Growth Accelerator is something to explore and get on board with! For more information feel free to visit the website here: GA Website or connect with Janet on 01484 506336 / to discuss how Growth Accelerator can benefit your business and help you get to the next level with someone supporting you at your side!


Statistics from Growth Vouchers & Growth Accelerator Infographics.
Blog post based on information provided by RTC North & Growth Accelerator websites.