Great Customer Service and Social Media Go Hand-in-Hand

May 31, 2017

You might not know this but a huge part of our Managing Director, Janet Bebb’s background is based on customer service, customer journeys and customer experience. In fact she can’t stop herself from spotting great customer service and get irritated when she comes across poor service too.

For us great customer service and social media go hand-in-hand. You can’t possibly do one without the other. So today we thought we’d share with you a shining example of just that and what better place to look at than our good friends at The Black Cat Bistro.

The Black Cat Bistro Team

Now we must point out here that, no we don’t manage their social media. Never have, never will, never need to! They do a fantastic job all by themselves. But yes there is a connection as the owners, Liam Root & Sophie Bebb are family!

So how is customer service and social media working for them?

Customer Engagement

Well for starters, they use their Facebook Page to great effect in posting their latest menu each Wednesday weekly so potential diners can see what’s on the menu that week. If you’re not familiar with the place they change their menu every week to include locally sourced, Fairtrade and seasonal produce.

The Black Cat Bistro Menu

They take many of their bookings through Facebook Messenger and Twitter, and pay great attention to always making sure they respond to requests for bookings promptly and courteously. They use the enquirers name in responses and sign it off as Liam & Sophie. Making the whole experience personal and individual.

Friendly Staff

YoWelcome to The Black Cat Bistrou’re always welcomed with a smile and made to feel at ease the minute you walk through the door. You’ll feel like you already know them and that’s because you may have already seen their smiling faces on social media before stepping over the threshold. They also have a new blackboard in the entrance which tells you all that’s going on in the coming weeks and months.


If you’ve already been to The Black Cat Bistro you can’t help but notice the friendly and warm welcome, which starts on social media and then transfers over into the restaurant. You can tell from their Facebook Page what the place looks like and what to expect fromThe Black Cat Bistro on Social Media your visit.

They embrace social media whole-heartedly. You’re actively encouraged to like, comment and share your dining experience through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


The Black Cat Bistro Selfie

And a new addition to the Bistro is a Black Cat Selfie Frame to encourage ‘Check-In’s’ on Facebook & Instagram.


The Black Cat Bistro on TripAdvisor


Sophie, Liam and the team are always keen to hear your feedback. Whether that’s face to face in the restaurant, on TripAdviser or through Facebook Reviews. In the main they receive excellent reviews and feedback but occasionally they get someone who may leave them a less than positive review. However, all credit to them they always respond to any comments professionally and proactively.

And finally, they never rest on their laurels. Sophie, Liam and the team are always looking for more ways to make their customers feel welcome. So if you have some positive feedback for them why not share that with them now via TripAdviser, a Facebook Review or even face to face.

After all we all like to know when we’ve made someones day. Why not make theirs….